Friday, 26 March 2010

Photos from Cheap Affair

Some lovely photos from our fair in March. We have fun treats by Miss Pybis and The Big Mac, jewels from We love Retro, some more Miss Pybis and The Big Mac, Emma and Travis in the Pretty Polly Vintage corner, Dolly Cool and the prettiest cakes i ever did see made by Ashley Fauguel. All of these were taken by a camera belonging to Ben Murphy, who you can find at: 


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Artists for April 4ths Cheap Affair

ArtYarn is a collaborative fibre arts project coordinated by visual artists Rachael Elwell and Sarah Hardacre. ArtYarn aim to use traditional knitting and crochet techniques in contemporary visual arts projects. They will be in the cafe making yarn bombs and everyone is invited to come and make some too!

Victoria Ashworth Is an artist based at Woodend Mill in Mossley and will be selling a mixture of paintings, mono prints, wood sculptures and textile pieces. All the work is created by artists at the mill and will be beautifully presented on the stall.

Big Hair Small Dress sell Mens and womens vintage clothing from 30's -90's including footwear and the odd bit of shiny jewellery.

Kate Buffton is a third year student at Salford University and a book artist, transforming old unwanted books into a new and innovative designs. The pages are cut and folded to create sculptures from the books. Each sculpture is similar yet diffierent to the one before.

The art project Cheap started as an independent zine run by artists Tommy Eugene Higson and Nikki Marie Jackson showcasing emerging and established talents in art, illustration, design, photography, literature and other creative and visual practices. Cheap has been involved and represented in various events and exhibitions internationally and is distributed internationally.
 As artists we work and exhibit both individually and collaboratively and our work addresses various subjects and themes with several constants; accessibility, relevance and aesthetics. Cheap is a reflection of these abiding concerns and an ongoing project to describe and detail developments in regards to the broader visual and creative cultural landscape in the form of products, exhibitions and events and critical writing.

Clothing with a Conscience is usually based in Afflecks Palace selling fairtrade, handmade and vintage womens fashion.

Ashley Fauguel
 has just recently graduated from Northumbria University.  An illustrator/ creator of pretty things to brighten your day! She has a rather strange talent of making pretty people look freaky which crazily enough makes me smile :) Ashley has just started work on her first zine which is frigging exciting, its called "All my Heroes are Weirdos" named after a club night that made her giggle! She likes to have her finger in a number of arty pies and loves experimenting that’s why she's currently learning to knit so expect to see some of my haphazard knitted creations!

Gimme That Thing creates handmade beaded, wire wrapped, knitted wire and ceramic jewellery as well as utility ceramics including mugs, vases, bowls, plates, fridge magnets and buttons. We will have a selection of unique one-off pieces to include earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches to suit both funky and more traditional tastes.

Debbie Greenaway and Katie Hanratty are two illustrator friends who live and work in Manchester. Both are fans of tea and biscuit breaks. Debbie is also a printmaker and is constantly drawing wherever she goes. She is working on her first children's book and makes robots, purses, screen-prints, badges and things. Katie is a full-time illustrator who likes working both digitally and traditionally. She makes prints from her illustrations, badges, lino prints, cards and stickers.

Dawn Guest
 will be selling hand made cards and unique baking kits for both children and adults.

Giulio Lo Porto is based in Afflecks Palace and sells men’s vintage.

Hussaindeyn are an artistic duo from Manchester who dabble in everything from fashion to conceptual art, currently based in New York and Manchester Hussaindeyn continue to work transatlantically currently focusing on a new t-shirt range as well as new photography work. On the day we will be selling Handmade and recycled vintage fashion items and jewellery, also prints and drawings.

Jeny and Amber like avant garde fashion, creativity, making a mess (or so our parents tell us), making clothes, customising stuff, re making old garments into lovely treasure, newspaper and its recycling ... our bags!, re cycling cardboard to make 3d shapes, shiny things, photographs, sequins, singing, dancing, drawing, pop ups, painting, fairy lights.

Nayna Lad has always been interested in the human form which is clearly depicted in many of her paintings. The work attempts to create movement and emotions through an expressive and abstract technique. Her work has gone through circles of change that has occurred to assist me to develop a particular style that she feels confident and comfortable working with.

Jude Macpherson is primarily a painter and am based at Rogue Studios, Manchester. Her practice also encompasses leading art workshops and producing work for non-gallery venues. Over the last few years she have painted a series of small abstract acrylic paintings on canvas which are collectively titled 'The Big Sell Out'. They explore a number of recurring themes and techniques and can be seen as precursors to my larger canvases.

Ben Murphy will be selling his fun time quirky illustrations and handmade zines.

A Mushroom Tea party is a secret event comprising of delicious recycled fabrics and wonderful woodland animals. Lose your hands in buttons of felt, Paddigton bear nostalgia and russian doll badges and sink your teeth in sugary vegan cakes.

Kalyeigh O'Mara is an illustrator and maker of lovely things. She will be selling badges, cards, keyrings and zines.

Pretty Polly vintage are dedicated sellers of vintage fashion and homeware. They have a wide range of items dating from the 1950s onwards.
The vintage fashion items that we are going to sell includes mostly women’s and some examples of men’s items such as t-shirts, jumpers, blouses, dresses, skirts, shoes and accessories including scarves, belts and jewellery.
The homeware items that we are going to sell include vintage ceramics, trinkets and jewellery boxes, some electronic items such as radios and possibly a 1970’s bicycle. These are items of a good quality that are authentically vintage and things that we have collected over the years.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Flowerhead: The Illustrations of Olaf Hajek review

all images from Flowerhead: The Illustrations of Olaf Hajek, copyright Gestalten 2010

by Tommy Eugene Higson

So this is what we are interested in - what we like - when art and illustration become indistinguishable from one another, and we love Olaf Hajek , this is his first monograph and it is wonderful.

There are a wide variety of commercial and some personal works displayed here and they are inseparable, like Burgerman his work is so strong and unique that there is no need for artistic compromise. This is also a testament to "the artist" and the progression of art; a balancing and acceptance of both personal and commercial project being equally valid.

Unlike Burgerman however his work is a much more traditional easel painting practice, which is by no means a bad thing as his canvases are magical curiosities imbued with a profound knowledge and reference to African tribal art, Latin folk art, Japanese woodblock printmaking, Surrealism and even poster art.

There are also countless contemporary painters who Hajek can easily be alined with such as Ellen Gallagher, Laura Owens or Chris Ofili with their postmodern sampling and referencing indiscriminately combined with an outstanding draughtsman and application of paint, however his commercial projects and truly bridging the hi/lo gap set him apart.

There are not enough words to describe reading one of Olaf Hajek's paintings; folklore, myth and fantasy can play a big part of the decryption, but so can film, music and popular culture and again so can personal experience, which seems to be the key because after the fifth, tenth or twentieth viewing you are still discovering something new.

Available 31st March 2010 from anywhere good.

Art Fair- Cheap Affair April 4th

Cheap are holding their fifth creative fair at Islington Mill in Salford on Sunday 4th April (Easter Sunday).

We have over 20 exciting stalls ranging from beautiful trinkets and vintage clothes, contemporary painting, handmade jewelry, original photography, plush toys, illustrations, zines, cards, tasty cakes, printed tees to salt and pepper pots. Everything you would ever need all under one roof!

We will also have some pretty exciting bands playing through out the day and there is an on site vegetarian cafe. (We will be posting a list of bands/times nearer the time)

A list of the artists involved along with photos and links to their websites will up on our blog shortly, keep checking back for photos.

As we hold the fairs monthly we are always looking for new and exciting stall holders, so if you are interested then email us at:

The fair is FREE ENTRY


High Voltage 7th birthday party will be going on from 5pm-2am with loads of great bands and Dj's here the line up:

Main Room

The Heartbreaks -
Everything Everything (DJs) -
Young British Artists -
Help Stamp Out Loneliness -
Sophie's Pigeon -
Milk Maid -
Crooked Rooks -
+ Nine Black Alps, Strangerways and HV DJs

Acoustic room

Josephine Oniyama -
Christopher Eatough -
Adam Dubale -
+ Quiet Night Out DJs


Car: James Street is just off the A6 Chapel Street and is easily accessible via the A56 and A57 and Mancunian Way. It has limited on street parking but there is a big retail park 5min walk down the road.

Foot: Islington Mill is a 10 min walk from Central Manchester via Bridge Steet, Quay Street or Chapel Street.

Bus: Regular buses run up Chapel Street from central Manchester, for further details see:

Train: Salford Central or Salford Crescent stations.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010