Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Anthony T W Myers Honest zine

For anyone who hasn't already heard Anthony T W Myers Honest zine is out now! It's a lovely printed little zine with some wonderful doodles and nice writings. Grab your copy (or some prints) here:


Sunday, 15 November 2009

The list of Cheap Affair Christmas Artists

Cheap started as an independent zine run by artists Tommy Eugene Higson and Nikki Marie Jackson showcasing emerging and established talents in art, illustration, design, photography, literature and other creative and visual practices. Cheap has been involved and represented in various events and exhibitions internationally and is distributed internationally.
As artists we work and exhibit both individually and collaboratively and our work addresses various subjects and themes with several constants; accessibility, relevance and aesthetics. Cheap is a reflection of these abiding concerns and an ongoing project to describe and detail developments in regards to the broader visual and creative cultural landscape in the form of products, exhibitions and events and critical writing.

Email: cheap-magazine@live.com
Mike Cullen Buy Islington Mill T-Shirts & Vests say I've visted the Mill been there & done that & I've also got the T-shirt! Buy Islington Mill T-shirts now! Before the price gets bumped up in March 10.
Liam Dobson My vector work is a very minimalist type of artwork, based on outlines and cellshaded objects, the imagery withing these pictures helps to portray many problems within our society whilst also providing comical subject matter which is appealing to the eye in a way in which may other forms of art are not.
My photography is based around what I enjoy looking at, the beauty of the world around us defines the picture rather than the photographer.

Dolly Cool Jewellery (Clare Dutton) Cool Jewels for rockin' Gals. A range of hand drawn, hand crafted tattoo and rockabilly inspired jewellery by Clare Dutton.

Web: www.dollycool.moonfruit.com

Ashley Fouguel I will be making a series of Christmas cards mainly based around pugs and wolves two of the best animals obviously! I will also be making a few fun handmade bags and purses, which would be lovely for Christmas presents! Along with some illustrative prints framed or otherwise.
Will Gisby is a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer who uses humor as an intergral part of his work. After being in higher education for 5 long years, Will is eager to undertake real work for real clients. Specialising in editorials for kids and adults magazines Will has also recently begun work on animation and web projects.

Email: mrmagictrousers@hotmail.com
Web: super-awesome-blog.blogspot.com
Pamela Harrop
will be showing a selection of small works that have been painted in acrylic on board, as an artist who paints small windows into her world the works are of the area she live in Rossendale, and Manchester, and some of a visit to Boston and Boston harbor, the paintings are 6" x 4" in size.

Email: pamelaharrop@yahoo.com
Hussaindeyn are an artistic duo from Manchester who dabble in everything from fashion to conceptual art, currently based in New York and Manchester Hussaindeyn continue to work transatlantically currently focusing on a new t-shirt range as well as new photography work. On the day we will be selling Handmade and recycled vintage fashion items and jewellery, also prints and drawings.
Helen Littler After a successful career in fashion Helen found that her mis-spent childhood involving far too much fuzzy felt caught up with her. Appliqued tea-cosies that straddle the gap between Alice Coopers domestic arrangements and The Little House on the Prairie, lavender bags and hankies that Holly Hobbie would kill for and a 'Disco Nativity' range of fuzzy felts that prove Helen really should get out more. Completely useless products, but strangely desirable...
ILK Collective Lora Avedian, Laura Gee, and Alexandra Humphreys are three members from the collective ‘ILK’. ILK is a group of people who work in multiple disciplines across Manchester. We aim to support and encourage creativity amongst emerging artists and designers. Previously successful events we have organised include gigs for a broad range of music, with screenings of experimental films and animations. Alongside this we sold handmade merchandise. We work individually and collaborate to create design based products in 2D, textiles, 3D-tactile, illustration and animation. As a collective we would like this stall to be a platform for us to sell hand printed t-shirts, bags, one off prints, tapes, badges and zines.

Jeny and Amber we like....avant garde fashion, creativity, making a mess (or so our parents tell us), making clothes, customising stuff, re making old garments into lovely treasure, newspaper and its recycling ... our bags! re cycling cardboard to make 3d shapes, shiny things, photographs, sequins, singing, dancing ,drawing, pop ups, painting, fairy lights.

Kate Alexandra Mcleish is a Manchester based illustrator/artist/designer that specialises in portraiture. She also draws vintage sewing notions and objects that are found visually beautiful. She loves fashion illustration and doing drawing studies from old photographs and is inspired by the past and present. Kate will have bright handmade jewelry- with paper, glass, porcelain & wooden beads, fimo brooches, illustrations, postcards, screen- prints and handmade cards also. Some of the stock will be Christmas themed merchandise. Kate will be sharing a stall with Freyia Lilian Porteous who will be making handmade cards, illustrations & pretty accessories for the stall.

Web: http://katealexandramcleish.blogspot.com/
Moon monsters (Felicity Langthorne) come in all shapes and sizes! Each monster is unique and is named according to their style and personality. As an artist I make costumes and these little creatures appeared as a side product to help me realise the shape and form of my garments. However they are works of art in their own right and make delightful gifts.


Not For Ponies (Beckie Andrews) Not For Ponies sells recycled, re-worked vintage and hand made clothes at affordable prices. Visit our ebay shop to find gorgeous dresses, tops, t shirts and handbags that will be sure to get you noticed.

Web: ebay.co.uk/not-for-ponies-boutique

ONE MANS TRASH (Nel Boxall) Vintage, recycled and Handmade clothing and textiles.

Web: Facebook group: one mans trash

Lauren Ball and Andrew Orton have been busy making some Christmas treats such as handmade cards, salt dough decorations and are also working on some collaborative limited edition festive prints down at the studio. Andrew has a wide range of canvases in different sizes and subject matter that he wishes to sell in both oils and acrylic. He also has a variety of life drawings which will available framed or unframed. After recently being commissioned for Channel M’s Zeitgeist, Andrew has lots of work to clear out of the studio so there is room to film so prices will be competitive and there will be lots to choose from. Lauren has been working on some handmade jewellery pieces. she has a variety glass and vintage bead bracelets in a wide range of colours. Some are extra special with semi precious stones or handmade beads. She will also have some charm bracelets and necklaces handmade from vintage charms, brooches and old fashioned keys.
David Procter Working in pen and ink and colouring digitally David explores the humorous but darker side of life and he states his influences as the likes of Ralph Steadman, David Hughes and Tim Burton to name but a few. With a broad subject range he is able to adapt to many projects whilst consistently maintaining a fresh perspective with his own personal stamp firmly rooted within his work. He will be around for the day selling his inky treats for you all.

Email: hello@david-procter.co.uk

Web: David-Procter.co.uk

Rag Thug Crafts (Fay Scott-Farrington) provides a selection of things that you never knew you needed, rude words, cute faces and dinosaurs abound under the guise of affordable handmade gifts, jewelry and lino prints.

Email: Faz_@hotmail.com

Web: ineffectualretardantprints.blogspot.com

Raw (Nick Greenwood) A tightly wound coil of creativity, working as a dynamic force in the rejuvenated heart of old, industrial Manchester. As a collective we generate ambitious and effective ideas that are used to connect with people and communicate our client's message. Good design - we believe - is born from the process of observation, understanding, expression and iteration: and these principles lie at the heart of all our projects. Understanding our client's target audience is crucial - make sense of the audience and we can begin to connect with and influence them.

Web: www.rawdesignstudio.co.uk


Tonie rigby

Nicola Rowlands I am an illustrator/graphic designer/creative person based in Didsbury, Manchester. I shall be selling greeting cards, christmas fishes (and wishes) and decorative bird pillows at A Cheap Affair, and will most likely be found drawing dogs or fish or something on the day as well!

Web: niclolarowlands.co.uk
Kyle Saxton. Photography is my main area of interest, long exposure in particular,i like to capture sides of Manchester in a different way. Working with light graffiti to produce prints that challenge the norms of conventional graffiti and photography, also i work with animation and film.

Email: kylemint@hotmail.com
Web: www.raggaphoto.co.uk
Robert Shadbolt and Salford Illustration Salford Illustration Presents The Floating World of Salford Xmas Special. A collection of drawn and printed ephemera which explores the contemporary graphic language of Xmas .

Shesgotmedals (Emily Richards)
sells handmade, unique dress brooches and apparel pins made from vintage and reclaimed fabrics. Pretty things for your favourite outfits, lovingly created with Liberty prints, silks and florals. All pieces are original designs with custom creations on request. A selection of exclusive bows and fancies from Noeud Papillon will also be available to buy.

Web: www.facebook.com/shesgotmedals

Starvinartist I have always been driven by a will to create and explore my individualism rather than joining a popular clique or working towards someone else's profit and loss account. Taken together with my passion for the arts and visual culture, I'm not surprised that i ended up working as a full-time artist under my alter ego ‘starvinartist’. Developing a service that was built around my own abilities and personality, I have fashioned a refreshing taste to education, illustration, graphic-design,live-art and graffiti.

Email: martyn@starvinartist.co.uk
Web: www.starvinartist.co.uk

Super Doodles - Artists and Illustrators Laura Skilbeck, Amy Pennington, Maria Dada, Matthew Walkerdine, Craig John Barr and Mike Dunbabin will be selling lots of top quality illustrated things like t-shirts, zines, christmas cards, mugs and screen prints, as well as possibly poems written there and then on the spot, fortunes told, kisses sold, and many other one off special things!
Tears and Memory We do T-Shirts - Original Designs on Eco-Friendly, Organic, Fairtrade Cotton T-Shirts reflecting my passion for music & we do Record Art - the (almost) lost beauty of LP cover art framed ready for your wall and you get the original record included.

Web: www.tearsandmemory.co.uk

Relovedathome and Dollwithbigeyes (Rebecca Willmott ) is a mother and daughter textile partnership, combining recycled fabric and experimental knitting to promote eco friendly fashion fun and stylishly! Dollwithbigeyes creates fun, crazy mostly felt plush toys in patchwork designs.

Web: etsy.com/shop/Relovedathome



Hannah Young Photography will be selling unique handmade cards and gifts taken from her photographic artwork. Prints will also be on sale and I am hoping to have a variety of bags and T-shirts available for purchase.

Web: hannahyoungphotography.co.uk

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Weekly bulletin 14/11/09

Sorry for the late bulletin this week, we wanted the new issue out before we did it but the printer has been playing us up so it looks like a Wednesday release now but it’s a good one, if you didn’t already know the line-up is as follows:
Mario Kolaric (Part two!), B.A. Barnes, Brett Manning, Sakura, Laura Skilbeck, David Pocter, Claudio, Parentela, Ashley Fauguel, George Mitchell and the first part of a two-parter from Steve Tillotson!
So we’ve kept mentioning that Cheap zine is going to change so here is a little more info on that. Firstly the zine will not be changing as we had previously considered, it will continue to run as it has been doing as a lo-fi bi-monthly publication with some alterations, which will be announced at a later date.
What we are going to start doing is releasing books periodically and we are looking for contributors for the first one now! We want our books to be a little more than displaying new work; we have the zine and the flickr gallery for that. We are introducing themes, but quite specific ones so that the development of certain practices and critical theory can be examined and brought to wider audiences. We want creatives for each book both familiar and representative of the theme addressed as well as creatives who wouldn’t normally work a certain way or with certain themes to really expand the subject. We also want work to be made specifically to be premiered in the books to make them that bit more special. The first theme we are going to address is: Fashion, Beauty and Art Nouveau. Submissions should be A5, black and white, portrait, 300dpi (deadline to be set). We ask for 1-4 submissions and you can email us at:
In other news if you’re in Machester today get down to Retro Bar, One Mans Trash are running their first fair Another Mans Treasure! Fashion, food, drink and art! A fun day!
Also if you’re an artist, designer or any other creative and are not already on Platform 58 you are missing out! It’s a great network for meeting new people, finding out about opportunities, talking and posting your shows and projects. They also have a great online magazine and printed publications, sign up for free here:
Finally our good friend Gary Daly has just announced his coming exhibition at The Firestation in Windsor: How to live and love your life. That’s running from 23rd of this month until 9th January. If you’re there pop in and you will not be disappointed! Poster will be up in our calendar in the next few days.
So, that’s all folks!
Tommy and Nikki

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Weekly bulletin 05/11/09


Not lots this week. First A Cheap Affair Christmas, the deadline for proposals is this Sunday so anyone who is interested should get on to us quick! email:


For anyone on flickr we have now made the Cheap social uploading network platform group to act as an online gallery open to anyone and everyone (as not everyone can fit into one bi-monthly zine!!) Go here to join or browse:


In other news our good and very talented friend Anthony T W Myers has just released his first zine Honest which you can get a copy of here:


There's a fair few things going on/releasing this week too, tomorrow (Friday 6th) Bazar Tremulo 4: Nowhere comes out and you can view this online here (for any English-only speakers you may be better searching Bazar Tremulo on google and pressing the translate button!):


Saturday this week is a big day, firstly Dario Molinaro's first solo exhibition is opening which will be amazing!! If you're in Benevento, Italy pop in and say hi from us! Also on Saturday is Manchester Artists' Book Fair which will be a good, fun, interesting day. One person who will just happen to be there is Abi Whitehouse and her wonderful new issue of Doodlezine which will include... Nikki Marie Jackson!! You can also grab a copy here:


Good times, good times,

Speak to you next week people!

Tommy and Nikki

ps. we've just found it's real funny if you copy and paste the bulletin into a word document and make your computer read it to you :)