Friday, 11 February 2011

A spot of high tea with Lucy Joy

Lucy Joy Oldfields work is largely driven by her love of eye catching objects and surface decoration. She tends to enjoy herself most when working in fine detail and trying to approach drawing with an uninhibited and non mechanical technique. Like us, Lucy is all about the charms of hand drawn wobbly lines.

Lucy has got some lovely treats in her Etsy Shop at the moment and tonnes more projects and beautiful illustrations on her blog

Monday, 7 February 2011

Ryan Robinsons got his fingers in all the pies

We spied David Ryan Robinsons work for the first time a couple of years ago whilst still at Salford Uni. We were running our Cheap Affair art and craft fairs at Islington Mill and Ryan held a stall with some other students selling their work, wares and home made cookies.

Ryan has been on the illustration / graphic design scene for a couple of years now and has racked up quite a few impressive projects including work for becks beers, the bbc, tba magazine, the Cornerhouse and Afflecks Palace

He has also had exhibitions all around the manchester area, including font bar (oxford road), odder bar (oxford road), nexus art cafĂ©  and again Islington mill (salford).  He has also recently illustrated the “laugh your socks off” celebrity joke book, released for sports relief.

As if all of that wasn't enough to keep you interested, Ryan is also in the process of finishing off the album cover and a small illustration booklet for Allie Moss' new album, Late Bloomer, which will be available instore from around mid-April.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Stacie Swift and her animal parade

Stacie Swift is a freelance illustrator living and working in London and is also a full time student in her final year. We came across her illustrations on trusty old Facebook and just couldn't help but share her magical work with you all. 
Stacie enjoys drawing animals with human personalities, the more ridiculously proportioned or sickeningly cute the animal is the more desperate she is to draw it.

Stacie completes her drawings by hand and then whacks them into the computer to clean and edit digitally.  Her work is just plain fun and can be enjoyed by anyone with eyes. All of her illustrations are filled to the brim with light hearted humour,  bright bubblegum colours and lots of pattern.

Her most recent project is a range of illustrated greetings cards which are available from her Etsy shop here and she is soon to start illustrating a rather magical children's book. Also something else to look forward to from Stacie is a series of black and white animal portraits that will be exhibited in Hoxton mid February.

Look at that little pooch, definite winner of the next Crufts.

Make sure to check out Stacies blog, Flickr and Twitter for all the latest happenings. She is available for comissions, collaborations and all of your illustration needs.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Kristin Farr can brighten anyones day

Kristin works in any medium she can get her sticky fingers on. Painting, sculpture, textiles, and video are her main jams. In her art practice she thinks about nostalgia, humor, comfort, magic, color psychology, and positivism.

She has a neurologically-based condition called grapheme-color synaesthesia, which creates a complex relationship between her brain, color, and words, and has a significant influence on her work.

These bags are just too amazing! Gone are the nervous times waiting at luggage collection in the airport wondering if you're about to pick up your own bag or get clobbered for stealing.

Fun facts about Kristin:

Most recently she made a chair with arms for hugging, and a SharkBoard from kristin farr on Vimeo.

She has an amazing day job in which she has to interview and write about artists all day long, lucky girl!

She lives in Richmond, CA with her art partner in crime Jeff Meadows.

She is a regular guest artist on where she draws exclusively in crayon (a girl after our own heart) is her interwebsite

Here is a house I would like to live in....

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Simon Corry !

Simon is a designer and budding scientist with a passion for telling stories. His ability to combine the creative, with the technical has afforded him the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients from the New York Timesand the Royal Mail to WeTransfer and the Big Chill Festival.