Sunday, 11 October 2009

Cheap Affair every first Sunday of the month at Islington mill

Call for proposals... "A Cheap Affair"

Cheap are putting on an art/craft/illustration/design/fashion/anything else creative fair at Islington Mill in Salford on Sunday 6th December and are looking for proposals for stalls now!

We are not looking for massive intense essays, one side of a4 should suffice and half a dozen images to give an idea of what you (want to) do. We like things that look nice, we are all about aesthetics, accessibility and relevance. We also like people who have things to sell, we like products and we like consuming! These are not a must but it is up to you.

Don't let it be a daunting task, we just want to get an idea of what you do and what you would do with your stall/space so all applications will be considered.

Each successful applicant will be asked to pay £5 for use of their space (and no commissions will be taken) which is to be payed on the day of the event and all applicants will be notified if they are or aren't successful. Each space will be approximately 2m x 2m (give or take), or the size of a regular sized market stall fold-up table with room behind enough for a chair, for stock and to eat your lunch. No equipment, tables or chairs will be supplied so come well prepared, also their is only approximately 30 spaces so get back to us soon!!

Please send your proposals and any queries to:
Deadline: Sunday 8th November

If you have any queries don't hesitate to ask and please feel free to pass word around. So that's all, good luck and we look forward to reading all of your proposals soon!!

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