Thursday, 29 October 2009

Weekly bulletin 29/10/09


Good week? Us too. So first things first, there's only one copy left of Michel Dhillon's The Cuckoo Parchment and the Dyke to giveaway so first come, first served.

Right on to business, We're still looking for people to be involved in our fair this Christmas at Islington Mill in Salford, it's on Sunday 6th December and it's going to be great, we already have about 20 stalls so get on it! Give us an email for more details or just tell us what you make/sell if you want to get involved:

As we've mentioned Cheap will be changing and expanding in the next few months so we can now let you know there's an interview with inkygoodness in the pipeworks so watch out!!

Also Cheap zine is going to go through drastic changes, we can't let you know yet but we can give you the line-up for issue 9 which will be released on the 11th November:

Mario Kolaric (part two!!)
George Mitchell
Brett Manning
Ashley Fauguel
Billy Anderson Barnes
Laura Skilbeck
David Procter
Claudio Parentela
and the first of a two parter from Steve Tillotson!!

In other news our Tommy Eugene Higson has had his first set of bags approved and are now on sale on envelop so check out:

We have also recently met and befriended Zine Friendly so head on over here for all your latest zine news and events info:

We'd also like to mention a couple of issue 9 artists, first Brett Manning who has just expanded her already beautiful range of tees on etsy and Red Bubble and secondly Billy Anderson Barnes who has a very cool range of prints available from his online shop, head to their respective sites to shop:


Aaand finally! if you're in Manchester this Saturday pop down to Islington Mill in Salford, there's and exhibition opening of new work from Rob Treen, Liam Harrion, Polly Steiner and Nelson Ferryman 6-9 and a live drawing and sound performance collaboration between Rachel Goodyear and Lee Paterson 7.30-9.30!! For more info:


And that's all for this week, thanks for listening!!

Tommy and Nikki

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