Saturday, 14 November 2009

Weekly bulletin 14/11/09

Sorry for the late bulletin this week, we wanted the new issue out before we did it but the printer has been playing us up so it looks like a Wednesday release now but it’s a good one, if you didn’t already know the line-up is as follows:
Mario Kolaric (Part two!), B.A. Barnes, Brett Manning, Sakura, Laura Skilbeck, David Pocter, Claudio, Parentela, Ashley Fauguel, George Mitchell and the first part of a two-parter from Steve Tillotson!
So we’ve kept mentioning that Cheap zine is going to change so here is a little more info on that. Firstly the zine will not be changing as we had previously considered, it will continue to run as it has been doing as a lo-fi bi-monthly publication with some alterations, which will be announced at a later date.
What we are going to start doing is releasing books periodically and we are looking for contributors for the first one now! We want our books to be a little more than displaying new work; we have the zine and the flickr gallery for that. We are introducing themes, but quite specific ones so that the development of certain practices and critical theory can be examined and brought to wider audiences. We want creatives for each book both familiar and representative of the theme addressed as well as creatives who wouldn’t normally work a certain way or with certain themes to really expand the subject. We also want work to be made specifically to be premiered in the books to make them that bit more special. The first theme we are going to address is: Fashion, Beauty and Art Nouveau. Submissions should be A5, black and white, portrait, 300dpi (deadline to be set). We ask for 1-4 submissions and you can email us at:
In other news if you’re in Machester today get down to Retro Bar, One Mans Trash are running their first fair Another Mans Treasure! Fashion, food, drink and art! A fun day!
Also if you’re an artist, designer or any other creative and are not already on Platform 58 you are missing out! It’s a great network for meeting new people, finding out about opportunities, talking and posting your shows and projects. They also have a great online magazine and printed publications, sign up for free here:
Finally our good friend Gary Daly has just announced his coming exhibition at The Firestation in Windsor: How to live and love your life. That’s running from 23rd of this month until 9th January. If you’re there pop in and you will not be disappointed! Poster will be up in our calendar in the next few days.
So, that’s all folks!
Tommy and Nikki

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