Thursday, 5 November 2009

Weekly bulletin 05/11/09


Not lots this week. First A Cheap Affair Christmas, the deadline for proposals is this Sunday so anyone who is interested should get on to us quick! email:

For anyone on flickr we have now made the Cheap social uploading network platform group to act as an online gallery open to anyone and everyone (as not everyone can fit into one bi-monthly zine!!) Go here to join or browse:

In other news our good and very talented friend Anthony T W Myers has just released his first zine Honest which you can get a copy of here:

There's a fair few things going on/releasing this week too, tomorrow (Friday 6th) Bazar Tremulo 4: Nowhere comes out and you can view this online here (for any English-only speakers you may be better searching Bazar Tremulo on google and pressing the translate button!):

Saturday this week is a big day, firstly Dario Molinaro's first solo exhibition is opening which will be amazing!! If you're in Benevento, Italy pop in and say hi from us! Also on Saturday is Manchester Artists' Book Fair which will be a good, fun, interesting day. One person who will just happen to be there is Abi Whitehouse and her wonderful new issue of Doodlezine which will include... Nikki Marie Jackson!! You can also grab a copy here:

Good times, good times,

Speak to you next week people!

Tommy and Nikki

ps. we've just found it's real funny if you copy and paste the bulletin into a word document and make your computer read it to you :)

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