Friday, 8 January 2010

1st New Year Blog


First bulletin of the new year so hope everyone's had a good festive period and it's good to be back getting into things.

Unfortunately we have to start with some bad news: the first fair of the year which was to take place this Sunday has had to be cancelled due to the intense weather and we are very sorry for this. The next fair will now be Sunday 7th February and we hope to see all your faces there as it will be a double cracker!

So first things first; the interview with Lisa Hassell from inkygoodness will be up by the time you are reading this, just check the blog or myspace. New content for next week will be a review of Amelia's Anthology of Illustration featuring renewable technologies to prevent catastrophic climate change together with an interview with Amelia Gregory herself!

Finally we have word that Michael Dhillion's nano-fiction project Marmalade Elephants is well under way and he is looking for lots and lots of illustrators to collaborate on what promises to be a very exciting project! Head on over to the web link if you are interested in reading more:

and that's all.

Tommy and Nikki

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