Friday, 1 January 2010

Artists for Januarys Cheap Affair

Tracey Aspinwall My company name is Love Letters and I make pictures, bags, mugs, notebooks, cards and much more with letters on.

Toyah Blackburn

Kate Bufton I am a third year student at Salford University and I am a book artist, I transform old unwanted books into a new and innovative designs. I cut into the pages and also fold them to create sculptures from the books. Each sculpture is similar yet diffierent to the one before. I have been working with old books for the past few years and have produced a variety of pieces.

Cheap started as an independent zine run by artists Tommy Eugene Higson and Nikki Marie Jackson showcasing emerging and established talents in art, illustration, design, photography, literature and other creative and visual practices. Cheap has been involved and represented in various events and exhibitions internationally and is distributed internationally.
As artists we work and exhibit both individually and collaboratively and our work addresses various subjects and themes with several constants; accessibility, relevance and aesthetics. Cheap is a reflection of these abiding concerns and an ongoing project to describe and detail developments in regards to the broader visual and creative cultural landscape in the form of products, exhibitions and events and critical writing.


Liam Dobson My vector work is a very minimalist type of artwork, based on outlines and cellshaded objects, the imagery withing these pictures helps to portray many problems within our society whilst also providing comical subject matter which is appealing to the eye in a way in which may other forms of art are not.

My photography is based around what I enjoy looking at, the beauty of the world around us defines the picture rather than the photographer.

Dolly Cool Jewellery (Clare Dutton) Cool Jewels for rockin' Gals. A range of hand drawn, hand crafted tattoo and rockabilly inspired jewellery by Clare Dutton.


Ashley Foguel
I will be making a series of cards mainly based around pugs and wolves two of the best animals obviously! I will also be making a few fun handmade bags and purses! Along with some illustrative prints framed or otherwise.

Will Gisby is a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer who uses humor as an integral part of his work. After being in higher education for 5 long years, Will is eager to undertake real work for real clients. Specialising in editorials for kids and adults magazines Will has also recently begun work on animation and web projects.


Hussaindeyn are an artistic duo from Manchester who dabble in everything from fashion to conceptual art, currently based in New York and Manchester Hussaindeyn continue to work transatlantically currently focusing on a new t-shirt range as well as new photography work. On the day we will be selling Handmade and recycled vintage fashion items and jewellery, also prints and drawings.

Nayna Lad I’ve always been interested in the human form which is clearly depicted in many of my paintings. I attempt to create movement and emotions through an expressive and abstract technique. My work has gone through circles of change that has occurred to assist me to develop a particular style that I feel confident and comfortable working with.


Not for Ponies (Beckie Andrews) sells recycled, re-worked vintage and hand made clothes at affordable prices. Visit our ebay shop to find gorgeous dresses, tops, t shirts and handbags that will be sure to get you noticed.


Vintage, recycled and Handmade clothing and textiles.

shesgotmedals & TangerinieAndPurpleHippos Shesgotmedals sells handmade, unique dress brooches and apparel pins made from vintage and reclaimed fabrics. Pretty things for your favourite outfits, lovingly created with Liberty prints, silks and florals. All pieces are original designs with custom creations on request. Tangerinie and Purple hippos sells beautiful handmade silver jewellery amongst a treasure trove of knitted scarves, pillowcases and unique metal work pieces.


Ryan Robinson

Nicola Rowlands I am an illustrator/graphic designer/creative person based in Didsbury, Manchester. I shall be selling greeting cards and decorative bird pillows at A Cheap Affair, and will most likely be found drawing dogs or fish or something on the day as well!

Francesca Smalley

Laura Skillbeck will be selling lots of top quality illustrated things like t-shirts, zines, mugs and screen prints, as well as possibly poems written there and then on the spot, fortunes told, kisses sold, and many other one off special things!

Kate Thornton as a designer/maker based in Nottingham, I work primarily in collage incorporating a range of materials into my work such as antique postcards and maps, images from old books, coloured and printed papers. My interests in natural history, birds in particular often influence the content and recognisable imagery that is present in my work. All of my work is sold complete with frame and you can also buy printed cards and beautiful handmade corsages from me. So not only can you decorate your walls you can decorate yourself!



We love Retro offers an affordable comprehensive range of 70s&80s Retro Airlines, Vespa, other Retro Flight/Shoulder bags, Retro T-Shirts and other unique designed accessories.


Emma Whetham The vintage fashion items that we are going to sell includes mostly women’s and some examples of men’s items such as t-shirts, jumpers, blouses, dresses, skirts, shoes and accessories including scarves, belts and jewellery. The homeware items that we are going to sell include vintage ceramics, trinkets and jewellery boxes, some electronic items such as radios and possibly a 1970’s bicycle. These are items of a good quality that are authentically vintage and things that we have collected over the years.

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