Friday, 4 February 2011

Stacie Swift and her animal parade

Stacie Swift is a freelance illustrator living and working in London and is also a full time student in her final year. We came across her illustrations on trusty old Facebook and just couldn't help but share her magical work with you all. 
Stacie enjoys drawing animals with human personalities, the more ridiculously proportioned or sickeningly cute the animal is the more desperate she is to draw it.

Stacie completes her drawings by hand and then whacks them into the computer to clean and edit digitally.  Her work is just plain fun and can be enjoyed by anyone with eyes. All of her illustrations are filled to the brim with light hearted humour,  bright bubblegum colours and lots of pattern.

Her most recent project is a range of illustrated greetings cards which are available from her Etsy shop here and she is soon to start illustrating a rather magical children's book. Also something else to look forward to from Stacie is a series of black and white animal portraits that will be exhibited in Hoxton mid February.

Look at that little pooch, definite winner of the next Crufts.

Make sure to check out Stacies blog, Flickr and Twitter for all the latest happenings. She is available for comissions, collaborations and all of your illustration needs.

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