Thursday, 3 February 2011

Kristin Farr can brighten anyones day

Kristin works in any medium she can get her sticky fingers on. Painting, sculpture, textiles, and video are her main jams. In her art practice she thinks about nostalgia, humor, comfort, magic, color psychology, and positivism.

She has a neurologically-based condition called grapheme-color synaesthesia, which creates a complex relationship between her brain, color, and words, and has a significant influence on her work.

These bags are just too amazing! Gone are the nervous times waiting at luggage collection in the airport wondering if you're about to pick up your own bag or get clobbered for stealing.

Fun facts about Kristin:

Most recently she made a chair with arms for hugging, and a SharkBoard from kristin farr on Vimeo.

She has an amazing day job in which she has to interview and write about artists all day long, lucky girl!

She lives in Richmond, CA with her art partner in crime Jeff Meadows.

She is a regular guest artist on where she draws exclusively in crayon (a girl after our own heart) is her interwebsite

Here is a house I would like to live in....

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